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wow its been awhile

hi all
just a quick update since i've been away.
some things have changed
ive thrown out some old baggage
i have new issues
im still the hottest nerd youve ever done seen

so ok not everthing has changed....lol

more later


hey all
just wanted to do a quick update. Im still in baltimore. the 1st month went awesome. I'm having a blast. 21/2 months to go but still this is easily the best job ive ever had. im learning a lot and playing a lot so yeah. ITS AWESOME. i miss lora a lot though. thats the only bad thing. havent seen her for one month now but i think im handling it ok.
Games workshops is easily the best company ive ever worked for and i hope to stay here and build my career for the rest of my professional life. other than that my roomates are loud smelly people who just cant understand why i dont 1) drink liquior or 2) dont go to strip clubs but for the most part there ok.
more to say but im very sleepy so i'll update soon.


Happy P.D.A. day one and all,
Of all the holidays that were created to boost the economy, Valentines day is by far my favorite. Why you ask? Well besides birthdays and anniversary's how many days are married men almost guaranteed nookie? Ive topped myself this v day too, Guess what i did, .....guess i'll wait.....ok. Nothing. Lora's doing valentines day this year. I don't know what to expect. I mean i got her something of course and she has her roses and candies but i cant wait till she gets home. I think she bought me a pony cause i found a bridle in my closet.
Since i'm leaving for baltimore monday for 4 months, This weekend will be a busy one. I need to finish packing, spend time with lora, clean the house, play with the dog, pay bills ahead of time. But more on that later.
HAPPY V D DAY TO ONE AND ALL.....wait a sec



an effort in restraint

hey all,
well where do i start. Works been very VERY shitty . i have 2 weeks left to go untill im done with wal-mart. Because im leaving and told them(im so sorry for being honest, next time i wont give them 2 weeks or anything) Im doing all the stuff the other managers dont want to. I'm cleaning and labeling bins that havent been touched for years, Im coaching and firing the problem people, and i'm doing paperwork...A LOT of papperwork. Man i cant wait untill the 7th.
well, ive been painting my warhammer armies in my down time and ive been watching a lot of bleach too. 'm really starting to like bleach. for acen this year lora's making me cosplay as captain aizen, but i'm good, my wii's fixed but now im xbox is on the fritz. i just cant win sometime....wow that was a little emo, im gonna go bathe with steel wool and play with razor blades.
see ya
i cut myself because i suck.......

sad ramblings of a melancholic mind

hope you all had a good and safe time this new years.
I've had the past 3 days off work and i am returning(joy.... 28 days in counting till i leave wally world) friday morning. In my free time i've been packing my stuff and getting ready for the eventually move. It sucks since it feels like we have just unpacked into the new house. truth be told it's been 2 1/2 years since lora and i bought it. i feel very melancholic for some reason.
My life's never been better, My wife is amazing and still the best thing to ever happen to me. She is still the only person who can make me forget about some of the worst things ive done. My friends are great, both new and old. they've been supportive through it all. through time, distance and well fights they've been there for me(even if they call me names and break my fuckin wii(BASTARDS!!!)) My family's good and i think that i can finally move on from my past where it concerns my mother and my brother.
Packing all my books and pictures kinda made me sad for some reason. a lot as changed in the past couple of years. I've changed a lot. I'm more assertave, confident and i'm honestly proud of who i am. It's hard looking back and relizing that you can hardly reconize who you were. I've made my fair share of mistakes in my life, and i feel that i still need to fix a few to make things right.
i pulled down the book that my dad gave me the night before i got married. It's a old journal of my grandfather's. Whenever i feel down, i just pull this book off the shelfs. In this book my grandfather wrote about everything form girl problems(my grandpa was a pimp)the war, and just the simple pleasures of a cold beer. My dad said to me that I'm just like him, faults and all. Whenever something went wrong my grandfather took the blame and tried to make those around him smile. He was brave enough to take charge and lead those around him in many different ways. He said that i have my grandfather's eyes, full of equal parts of wisdom and bull shit. my grandfather passed 7 years ago, but i have his journal and it's helped me a lot.
I've always believed in karma. Good things will happen to those that wait. I've waited and great things have happend to me.Despite what ive done in the past(lol it's not like i killed people just one, he deserved it) I feel that i'm a good person. I'm able to give myself the respect i couldnt years ago. Do i have regrets? not many, but a few. I've always had a problem looking back, I can look forward now and i cant wait to see what the future holds.
Lora might be pregnant again, My dogs getting cuter, My dream jobs is coming and the snow will be gone soon so i can ride my bike again. Life is good. I'm not very religious. I believe in my faith but i've never been the best at practicing it. I can say though that i'm blessed, and i thank god for my blessings.
I dont even know why im writing this now. this is all just preachy trash that most wont even look at, but i know that theres always a light at the end of every tunnel. to you all my dear friends and family, thank you for it all.

...at this time i've realized that i've neglected to use a lot of profanity in this post. I apologize and will try and do better in the future.


shopping blues

Hey all.
merry christmas one and all.
I hate shopping, like really Friggin hate shopping. I'm a proactive shopper. my x-mas shopping has been done for about 2 weeks, my wife's did'nt start till last night. Yeah the day before christmas eve. We got home from church and we went to champagne. Now i like malls a lot, I do not like malls in december though. We were packed so tightly into the damn place that i of course lost my wife. She forgot her phone in the car so 2 hours later and 12 bucks of panda express she finally located me in the food court. I was at least able to find and buy the new changing breeds book from white wolf. I bought her lunch and then we went to see sweedny todd(its good go see it). After the movie i asked if she had bought anything, to which she responded no, nothing really jumped out at me. A huge mall and nothing pops out at her. She has at least 12 people to shop for.
In the end we just went home after a good dinner at lonestar steakhouse. Its ok i guess, she back out at the mall doing her shopping right now. I'm currently building 2 gaming tables for a couple of friends as presents. So at least im keeping myself busy. This is the first christmas that were not going to visit anyone. It's just lora and i at home. It's kinda nice, I'm not stressing out about my family, her family, Her mother. (god her mom's a bitch) anyhoo, hope that all of your christmas dreams come true. I think mine will, all i want is to sleep in untill 8 so far i've got that. I'm happy, that and i wouldnt mind a dishwasher.
take care all



I got the job!!!!!!!

This just kicks ass!!!!! Not only am i gonna work for one of the best gaming companies in the world but I'm tripling what lora and i collectively make a year. I'm staying in Illinois but dont know where there gonna send me yet. This just is awesome.....I'm wigging out right now. Thanks to everyone who wish me well,prayed for me, did a blood sacrifice or whatever to help me. this is great. finally the damn silver lining.


dogs are awesome

today sucked.
my store manager isnt happy about the possibility of me leaving. so he's making my life kinda suck.he's giving me all the problem assiocates, I'm up at the front end until jan, and he's making me fire about 5 people(granted they deserve it but i'm the nice manager. people like me). When i told him that there really wasnt anything he could offer me to stay he blew a gasket. he called me selfish and i'm not loyal to the company. Who the hell is seriously loyal to wal-mart. the job suck and that's just it. It's a job, what i want is a career.
I just got home and flopped on my couch, my dog tex jumped on my lap and just looked at me. The i know your day sucked look and it's ok look. also the get me some treats look, but it's ok she's cute.
god i hope this games workshop job works out. Also 2 more days till my 4th anniversary with lora. woot!! I'm surprised she has'nt killed me yet. I must be doing something right.


there and back again

I'm back,
I'm tired,
I'm on cloud 9

The trip went very well. It was the funnest and hardest job interview I've ever had. Let's start a the begining. My 1st flight that left indy and took me to clevland. the flight was good, it was just a very small plane. then i waited in cleveland for my plane to baltimore. the ride from cleveland to baltimore was better, much bigger plane, more peanuts, less people. i got to baltimore and hightailed it to the hotel.
the holiday inn was ok. the hot water heater was slow and my neigbor must have got porn or something. i just couldnt sleep though, i guess i was just too nervious. In the morning i met with some of the other applicants at breakfast. i was the only anywhere near illinois(most were from the west coast) so with no local competion i was put more at ease.
Games workshop HQ was amazing. I had to keep myself from geeking out. there was a life size space marine model in the traning room.

the intereiw was hard. they divided us up into 3 groups, and had us do group activites. it was fun they had us do a gaming demo(which i rocked at) and a painting demo(im not that artistic).
Lunch was amazing. thy took us to a seafood place and told us to go nuts. they had a special on all u can eat crab for 10 bucks. i put away 10 crabs(no jokes but i got a shirt that says i hart baltimore crabs)lol
they then had my group do 2 teamwork games. the pirate one was my fav. the actual interview was hard. i was interview by a panel of 6 GW managers. that was the longest hour of my life. they grilled me hard, it was good though. the feedback was all great. they were very impresed and there flying me out again in about 2 week for a 2nd interview and a job offer. Im so happy and proud of myself.
the ride back was not so fun the first plane was delayed 2 hours and then when we got to charlote nothing was pen so i couldnt get anything to eat. after 3 hours of waiting my plane back to indy finally arrived. this was the worst plane ive ever had. the plane was too smally and the people were shitty. after 2 hours ive finally got home.
im so tired. but im so excited. going to bed again. thanks to eveyone who wished me well.the trip pics enjoy

I'm off to maryland

I'm packed and ready to go to baltimore in the morning. I'm excited, nervous and a little bit freaked out all at the same time. I'm overly qualified for this position and i've been assured that i'm going to do well(buy the GW people on my 3rd interview)but (there's always a but with me isnt there?) i find myself questioning my own Qualifications (????????WTF???????).......

I'll do great. I've got enough confidence in my nerd creds(possibily one of the few things im confident in after cooking, gaming and well...sex(of course thats only 2 opinions)) and i've got the mangement experence(I'm a people person meaning i'll lie to you to make you shut up and go away). So i'm going to baltimore with my head held high. If it's not meant to be then it won't. simple as that. I've worked hard to get this far and i'm ready to move up. How cool would it be if i can say that i work for games workshop. god some of my high school friends will be so jealous(oh im just a bitch). did i mention the very nice discount the give employes ?
wish me well. hope my planes dont crash. I'll take pics. full report on sat

be good kids