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rx781a's Journal

9 November 1983
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well where to start
I'm 24
i live in tilton illinois (not for long)
I'm a U of I grad
I'm the youngest son
I'm the cute one in the family
I'm been married for 4 years now
I think I'm a good husband
I'm a cook,writer,reader,guitarist,hobbyist,motorcyclist,gamer,hard worker,a friend,lover,loser and a leader
I'm a Pessimist and an optimist at the same time
I try too hard
I ofter hold myself and others up to very high expectations
I want to be a father
So far i think that in the grand scheme of life ,I've done well so far. It took me years to finally say that I'm proud of where i was and what I've done.The future will be exciting and new. Filled with new oppertunites and challenges. I will endeavor to meet them hard-on. To prove myself like a knight of old. I wonder, how well will you fare?
Looking back ....I would not change a thing.